Introducing the "choc-presso" - vegan approved

The purest chocolate drink for the cold & dark season
Serve a choc-presso” in an espresso cup - like an espresso but the kick will be from antioxidants and theobromine. These substances found in chocolate naturally make you happy this season.

I’m sold - how can I make it?
  1. Pick your favourite origin: Do you fancy a feast of smooth Venezuela, of earthy volcanic Sao Tome, of exciting Peru or darkest flavours from Haiti?
  2. Add 4 spoons of finest TTF Hot Chocolate flakes to a normal sized cup.
  3. Heat up some water, and add 4 spoons to the cup.
  4. Stir well with a fork or a whisk until you get an amazing thick mixture.
  5. Poor the shot to serve in an espresso cup.
Did you know?
My chocolate is suitable for vegans. The chocpresso is vegan with only added water. The traditional way to prepare my real Hot Chocolate works also very well with soja, almond or coconut milk.