Helping to rebuild Haiti

Seven months after Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti, most of the international aid has left the country and the people of Haiti are trying to re-organize themselves. 

The main focus has been to regenerate food crops like banana and corn in order to ensure food supply is stable

The donations of 25% of our sales between November and December 2016 through our Help Haiti campaign paid for 570 banana trees.

At the cooperative level, we've managed to rebuild the post-harvest building in concrete. In a joint effort, the co-op's 400 farmers quickly cleaned up the fields to save as much as possible of the upcoming crop.  
According to our forecast, the cocoa communities from La Grande Anse in the South of Haiti will be able to ship one or two containers of organic and Fairtrade beans to Amsterdam, expected between July and August. The profit from this cocoa should put the cooperative financially back on track for next year.

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