Cocoa Origin: Haiti

Our darkest chocolate with 75% of cocoa. Smells of dark berries and forest fruits. Tastes a bit sweeter at first - with a dry, deep but fruity aftertaste.  The chocolate is made from an exquisite mix of Trinitarian and Forastero beans.

Location: South of Haiti, La Grande Anse
Cocoa variety: Mix of native varieties, mainly Trinitarios.

Organic status: Grown with strict organic agricultural practices


Technical knowledge: Low. The cooperative helps farmers with technical assistance, genetic material and also tools.
Average cocoa farm size: Small (1/2 ha), average yield 170 kilos/ha

Amount of farmers reached by The Travelling Frenchman: About 10 farmers



Challenges: Extreme poverty is making every step slow and difficult. Some farmers lack the most basic essentials to live, and hence also miss tools to grow the cocoa.
Cultural particularity: Haiti is one of the poorest country in the world, there is a lack of infrastructure. On a social level, violence is common.

Note: The Kaleos Cooperative we work with contributes also to reforestation projects since the earthquake.

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